• Christmas Celebration perfect Christmas Case Menu - by Kat

    I love this selection of all of my favourite wines and I am really looking forward to drinking all of these over the Christmas celebration period!Let’s start with the Durello – this is the perfect aperitif and is a great alternative to Prosecco (I think it is better actually). It’s made from the Durello grape in the Veneto region of Italy. This will get...
  • Artesa Organic Rioja - by Kat

    I enjoyed the Artesa Organic Rioja last weekend with some local barbecued watercress and pork sausages. The wine is wonderfully smooth from 6 months ageing in new American oak. (As the wine is Organic, it has to be aged in either brand new oak or in oak which has previously been used for organic wines only).This American oak (which is so typical in Rioja...
  • Veganuary - by Chris

    The amazing success of Veganuary has made me think about vegan and vegetarian wines.There's a growing movement among winemakers around the world to avoid the use of animal products in wine production. At one time egg protein used to filter wine before bottling and the use of animal-based glues in agglomerated corks was widespread but now alternatives like bentonite ( an inert clay-based product)...
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