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Krohn Lagrima White Port NV
An intense yet elegant sweet wine with notes of caramel, honey, and nut - all balanced by fresh acidity and leading to a long and appealing finish.
Krohn LBV Port 2015
This port is deep ruby in colour with upfront aromas of black plums, spice and dried herbs. It has firm and evident tannins and a rich, long finish. Three years in bottle has given it some lovely dried fruit complexity...
Fernando de Castilla Classic Pedro Ximenez
The best way I can describe this fantastic sherry is 'Christmas pudding' in a glass. Rich in dried fruits with a luxurious sweet character, it's sticky and decadent in every way. Serve with chocolate-based desserts or, my favourite way, over...
Fernando de Castilla Classic Fino
Pale in colour with just a hint of straw yellow at the rim. Powerful and acute on the nose, yet aromatic, intriguing and inviting. Sensuously textured rather than brittle, absolutely bone dry, aristocratic and very poised. Its profile is perfectly...
Fernando de Castilla Classic Manzanilla
Pale, straw yellow in colour. Decidedly tangy, yeasty and salty nose. Lighter, crisper and more crackly than its older sibling - Fino. The palate lures you in with soft apple and citrus flavours, then attacks with a savoury nutty tang,...
Krohn Colheita Port 1999 in wooden box
Drinking perfectly after over 15 years in barrel! This aged tawny displays notes of baked plums, sultanas dates and toffee.
Krohn Tawny Port NV
Tawny-red in colour with aromas of caramel, butterscotch, currants and spice. The palate is sweet and smooth with rich red fruits backed by a nutty character. Full and textural balanced by an elegant finish.
Graham's 10 year old Tawny Port
Graham’s 10 Year Old has a deep tawny and polished copper colour. Complex aromas combined with hints of honey and figs. On the palate, rich mature fruit flavours, beautifully mellowed with a luscious and long finish.
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Graham's Six Grapes Reserve Port
This is Graham’s oldest marque still in existence and quite possibly the best Reserve Port on the market. Such as its quality that winemaker, Charles Symington, says that it is one of the most difficult blends for him and his...
Blandy's Madeira Reserva 5yr old Rich
The palate has the classic Madeiran characteristics of nuts, caramel and notes of spices and wood. Velvety, soft and firm, with a balanced acidity.
Niepoort Ruby Dum Port HALF BOTTLES, Portugal
Ruby Dum and Tawny Dee - the Niepoort 'twins' as reflected on the bottles. These wines come from the same lot, but over a five year period are aged differently so that the one is rich and ruby in style,...
Fernando de Castilla Classic Amontillado 75cl, Spain
An extraordinarily fine, complex and sophisticated drink. Beautiful shining amber colour, fascinatingly complex raisined, nutty, tangy nose and a flavour displaying layer upon layer of deliciously plump sensations on the way.
Niepoort White Rabbit Dry White Port HALF BOTTLES, Portugal
This is the last of the Niepoortland trio which is a series inspired by Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland. White Rabbit is Dirk's white port; a fresh fruity expression with a nutty finish that is amazing on a hot summer...
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Quinta de la Rosa 10yr Tawny Port
The 10 Year Old Tawny is fermented slightly longer to guarantee a dry finish and we work hard to ensure that the brandy is well incorporated. Expect notes of powerful dried fruit, including apricot and figs, along with honey, almonds...
Krohn Ruby Port
Krohn's 'entry level' is in a different category to most Ruby Ports - mature and versatile with a deep red colour and a concentration of fresh, plummy fruit aromas plus hints of spice. The palate has plenty of lively cherry...
Barbadillo Fino Pale Dry Sherry
Barbadillo’s Finos are more Manzanilla-like in style, but are aged in Bodegas with less exposure to the cooling sea breezes. The flor in the barrels grows vigorously in these cellars so the wine is a little more nutty and toasty...
Blandy's 10 year old Bual Madeira
Blandy’s 10 year old Bual is fined and does not require decanting. It is a fine accompaniment to foie gras and cheeses such as aged gouda or blue cheese, but also pairs extremely well with nuts, dried fruits, and fruitcake...
Graham's 20 year old Tawny Port, Portugal
Graham’s 20 Year Old has an excellent bouquet of nutty characteristics and delicious mature fruit with hints of orange peel, exquisitely mellowed through wood ageing. On the palate, rich and smooth, perfectly balanced with a long and elegant finish.
Niepoort Tawny Dee Port HALF BOTTLES, Portugal
Ruby Dum and Tawny Dee - the Niepoort 'twins' as reflected on the bottles. These wines come from the same lot, but over a five year period are aged differently so that the one is rich and ruby in style,...
Fernando de Castilla Antique Fino NV - 50cl
Rich and long with greater depth and complexity than a standard Fino - this could be referred to as a 'Winter' Fino! Appealing salty tang and a long citrus finish. Very fresh and pure.
Blandy's 10 year old Sercial Madeira
Blandy’s 10 year old Sercial is fined and does not require decanting. It is excellent as an aperitif but is also exceedingly good with starters, fish dishes and Indian cuisine. It has been bottled when ready for drinking and will...
Fernando de Castilla Classic Oloroso 75cl, Spain
A mahogany, richly coloured wine with aromas of walnuts, spice and a touch of orange peel. Not as an intense as the Antique Oloroso, this Sherry is pure and dry - perfect to serve with food. Best enjoyed at 14-16...
Fernando de Castilla Antique PX
Contains all the drama and intensity you would expect from a 20 year old plus, 500g/l sugar PX, and you can drink it too. There is coffee, liquorice, sweet tobacco, prunes, figs, raisins, tea and a dozen other fleeting scents...
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