• Kat’s Blog on Romanian Wines

    We’ve recently added a new European country to our portfolio of wines – Romania! I was slightly sceptical at first – it’s been a while since I tasted anything Romanian (actually I don’t remember much about Romania from the wine-studying days over 10 years ago and from what I do remember, the wines were never very great – however this is apparently no longer...
  • Christmas Classics perfect Christmas Case Menu - by Simon

    Umbrele Pinot NoirI love Pinot Noir and this is a fresh and fruity, unoaked one, packed full of red fruit aromas that follow onto the palate. A bit of a hidden gem from Romania, which does produce good wine. Pinot Noir goes well with a range of dishes, including Roast Turkey.Pasquiers Grenache NoirGrenache Noir is widely planted around Southern France and Spain and is...
  • Christmas Celebration perfect Christmas Case Menu - by Kat

    I love this selection of all of my favourite wines and I am really looking forward to drinking all of these over the Christmas celebration period!Let’s start with the Durello – this is the perfect aperitif and is a great alternative to Prosecco (I think it is better actually). It’s made from the Durello grape in the Veneto region of Italy. This will get...
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