Christmas Celebration perfect Christmas Case Menu - by Kat

I love this selection of all of my favourite wines and I am really looking forward to drinking all of these over the Christmas celebration period!

Let’s start with the Durello – this is the perfect aperitif and is a great alternative to Prosecco (I think it is better actually). It’s made from the Durello grape in the Veneto region of Italy. This will get me through pre-Christmas Day food preparation on Christmas Eve – I love to prepare anything I can in advance of the Big Day to make things run more smoothly and it always helps if you have a little tipple on hand to help you through! It is very easy drinking and zippy with fresh pear and apple flavours.
I’ll also have another glass of this on Christmas Eve night (kids in bed!) while watching our grown-up (no kids allowed!) favourite Christmas movie, Love Actually.

My next wine is the Montsable Chardonnay - this is a great alternative to White Burgundy. It is fermented on the lees, giving it more texture and yeasty flavours. The Chardonnay grape always goes well with seafood and this richer style of wine will pair very nicely with a creamy fish pie – which is exactly what we will be eating in our household on Christmas Eve this year.

Per Baron Sauvignon Blanc is the third wine in my Celebration case – this is a Touraine Sauvignon from the Loire – a good alternative to Sancerre. It is lively, fresh and full of herbal and gooseberry fruits. We have started a tradition of always having smoked salmon or locally caught smoked trout on Christmas morning and this wine will go nicely – myself and my Mum will be sharing the bottle no doubt, both being big Loire wine fans!. If we don’t get through it all, the rest will be drunk with the Turkey.

Pinot Noir and Turkey are a classic pairing:- the bright, high acidity and fairly low tannins complement the meat nicely, especially when served with cranberry sauce – it will balance out the fruitiness. The Montsable Pinot Noir is another great Burgundy alternative and we’ll be serving this up as our turkey partner for Christmas Dinner.

For our Christmas dessert we don’t always go for a traditional Xmas Pud (it’s just too rich and filling). I do like a good red berry fruit pudding – like a strawberry tart and this will go exceptionally well with the Grange Neuve Monbazillac – with its honey, blossom and marmalade characters – a great balance of sweetness and acidity. Lush!

The Artesa Rioja is another lovey addition to this case – it’s fuller than the Pinot Noir, so it could go with my Christmas Day Turkey, but I will most probably save it for Boxing Day to have with a turkey and trimmings sandwich - the best part of Christmas in my opinion! We may well save the other bottle to go with some beef steaks for that ‘in-between’ Christmas and New year time. It’s a classic and very easy drinking Rioja, with plenty of sweet spice and cedar aromas and from the aging in American oak. The tannins are soft and rounded with an abundance of red fruits.

Finally, it’s Port time! I’m happy to drink Port all over Christmas, as a cheeky evening tipple once the kids are in bed (as an alternative to my usual evening brew), or with a piece of blue cheese - the saltiness of the cheese and sweetness of the Port are a match made in heaven. I may even have some with a piece of Christmas cake and Cheddar cheese (a Yorkshire tradition I believe from my Dad’s side of the family). Our Graham’s Six Grapes is a fruity and youthful Ruby Port, with flavours of blackberries, liquorice and cassis. Sit back, relax and enjoy!
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