Veganuary - by Chris

The amazing success of Veganuary has made me think about vegan and vegetarian wines.

There's a growing movement among winemakers around the world to avoid the use of animal products in wine production. At one time egg protein used to filter wine before bottling and the use of animal-based glues in agglomerated corks was widespread but now alternatives like bentonite ( an inert clay-based product) are increasingly used for fining wines to produce the clear wines consumers expect to see..

Wine Utopia offers several vegan and vegetarian wines. The Boutinot wines from the Cotes du Rhone are all vegetarian and vegan The three reds; Les Coteaux and the two village wines, Cairanne and Seguret are produced in this way. Also, their white La Fleur Solitaire and the Les Cerisiers rose follow the same practices.. Something for everyone to enjoy gulit-free with their Veganuary meals!
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