Artesa Organic Rioja - by Kat

I enjoyed the Artesa Organic Rioja last weekend with some local barbecued watercress and pork sausages. The wine is wonderfully smooth from 6 months ageing in new American oak. (As the wine is Organic, it has to be aged in either brand new oak or in oak which has previously been used for organic wines only).

This American oak (which is so typical in Rioja production), gives the wine sweet spice and cedar flavours, as well as a hint of smokiness.

The Tempranillo vines are mature and are planted on poor, stony soils, which means that the vines have to work hard to find water. Coupled with that maturity, the vines are less vigorous and the resultant fruit in the wine is more concentrated. You will find rich flavours of plums, cherries and soft bramble fruits making this very moreish and easy to drink!
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